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Books of a teacher can be linked between several classes. This means that they are "connected" and that changes and modifications that the teacher in a unit, will be replicated in all.

Let us take an example:

A 5th of primary English teacher, teaches at 5A, 5B and 5 c groups. The teacher incorporates the same book linked in three classes. If you add an activity at Unit 2 in the 5A class, this activity will also appear automatically in unit 2 of class 5B and 5 c.

This avoided having to "rework", having to create the same activity three times.

Check if a unit is linked

When the same unit exists in, at least two classes, to open it, you will see an icon in the header of the book:

Clicking on the icon, you'll see in other classes is present the unit.

Unlink a unit

If a unit split, we will be "by disconnecting the" units that you are using in another class.

Thus, if you use the unit in the class 5A and 5B, if you make changes in unit 5A, they will no longer see themselves reflected in the unity of class 5B.

To unlink one unit again, click on "Unlink" button.


Once disengaged, there will be no turning back. Units can be linked.

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