contentCloud | Comparative: contentCloud vs learningMaker

contentCloud is the Netex solution for the creation and management of learning content that replaces learningMaker. 

Changes from contentCloud to learningMaker

Projects creation

It allows to create projects to which we can assign a manager, who will be in charge of organizing your content.

Folder creation

Within a contentCloud project, you can create folders to organize your units.
Authoring units creation

You can also create authoring units, using the same editor you already know.

External units creation

External units are units created with other authoring tools. contentCloud becomes an integral manager of all the digital content of your organization.
Unit detailsCan be modified:
  • Name
  • Code
Can be modified:
  • Name
  • Code
  • Cover image
  • Tags
  • Cost
  • Provider
  • Hours
All these new details facilitate organization, reporting and search.
Unit review flow

contentCloud includes a process to review and validate the units.

Provide reports on:

  • Total space consumed 

Provide reports on:

  • Total space consumed
  • Space consumed by projects
  • Production data
  • Contents according to provider
  • Costs by project, unit and provider
contentCloud offers new reports aimed at improving training management.
Search engine

contentCloud search engine offers much more filters and options.
Contents deletion

In contentCloud there is no bin trash. The deletion is permanent.
Contents archive

Archive stores the contents before final deletion.
Permission assignment

We have improved permission management to easily identify which users can access and their permissions to projects, folders and units.
Providers list

The list of suppliers helps to identify which units have been created by each of them
Authoring tools list

The list of authoring tools allows to identify with which tools the external units uploaded to contentCloud.
editor manager