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Within contentCloud we can archive projects, folders or drives. Archive Contents allows you to hide them from the main view. This is a previous step before permanently deleting them.

Archi var

To archive an item you must open the options menu and select Archivar

Remember: archiving a project, folder, or drive loses permissions that have been granted to users. If you want to retrieve that content later, you will need to manage the permissions again.

Check archived contents

To view the archived contents of contentCloud we must press the "Items Archived" button located in the upper right area.

Next, we'll look at all the archived items, whether projects, folders, or drives. If we wish we can use the search engine and its filters to be able to locate a specific archived content (See here how to use the search engine).

In addition to the general area of archived items, for each project, we can see what its archived items are. Simply click on the "archived items" icon in the project:

Restore archived content

After locating the content you want to recover, just access its options menu and press Restore.

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