Vienna - Page creation and setup | Main menu

The main menu of Vienna template is only required for units consisting of two or more pages. This menu will allow us to access all content pages and sections created.

It consists of the following elements:

A. Estimated total time of study in the unit. It is the sum of all times shown by "Estimated time" property. This information is located inside each reading page. (See aquí)

B. Header image. Optional.

C. Progress bar. This bar is completed as we finish reading sections/pages.

D. Main title and subtitle of the unit.

E. Access card for each section/page included in the unit. This card shows a title, estimated time and the type of page.

Setup process

1. Select the page and access the "Properties" tab. Add a "Title" to the page.

2. Add a "Subtitle" too.

3. "Header Image" property is used to select the image that will be shown as a header image for the menu. 

This page does not have any associated components, so no further configuration is required.