Vienna - Page creation and setup | Reading page

Reading pages consist of 3 parts:

A. Cover. Opening paragraph introducing the contents in a few words and including an image. This cover is disabled by default. If we want to enable it, we have to select "Show cover" option in page properties.

B. Content area. Main content area where we can add texts, images, questions, etc.

C. End. Whenever a student finishes reading the content area, a "Finish" button is enabled. When clicked, the End screen will be shown.

Setup process

1. Select the page and access the "Properties" tab. Add a "Title" to the page.

2. Show the "Estimated time" that a student should spent reading/understanding this page. This information will be shown in Main menu pages.

3. "Suggested lesson" property is used for units having more than one page. This way you will be able to suggest a training programme or study plan for students.

4. "Show cover" property can be used to decide whether you want to show the cover.

5. "Cover image" property allows you to add an image to reinforce the opening paragraph. "Show cover" option must be enabled first.

6.  Access the "Add" tab to add all the components you need to include in the content of your page. 

7. At the bottom of the page, you will see the End screen. You can click on the text and make edits if you wish.