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The reporting area allows you to get information about the drives we have in contentCloud. Simply go to the "Reports" tab.

In this tab we will see, the information organized into several groups:

-Storage: information about the disk space used and available,being able to filter by the space occupied by the contents of each project.

- Licenses: allows analyzing how many licenses are being used, how many are not being used ... It also allows analyzing which permissions users have and accessing the list of users who exercise those permissions. It will be very useful to know which users with Author role have the license activated.

- Production: we can obtain data from the production of units: how many we have external type, authorship type, organized by projects... We can also analyze the units according to the supplier that is responsible for their creation.

- Costs: We can analyze the costs associated with the units, filtering by project and analyzing it by supplier or by project.

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