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Main view of contentCloud

This is the main view when you enter in contentCloud. Here you can see your projects.

In this view we have:

  1. Access to the list of projects
  2. Access to the list of all the units created in contentCloud.
  3. Access to the list of all the publications made in contentCloud. (See here for more information)
  4. Access to the instance reports . (See here for more information)
  5. View latest projects published.
  6. List complete all projects to which the user has access. They can be sorted by ascending or descending alphabetical order.
  7. Button to create new projects. (See here for more information)
  8. Search engine. (See here for more information)
  9. Archived projects. (See here for more information)
  10. Configuration of contentCloud.
  11. Access to the user area. It allows to modify personal data, access to notices to the user manual and other options.
  12. Access to the rest of the apps in the NetexCloud environment.

View projects

When you enter a project you can:

  1. Return to the main page of contentCloud.
  2. To access the list of folders and drives the project.
  3. To access the list of publications of the project. (See details here ).
  4. The project Folders . In addition to indicate the name of the folder, it shows the number of units that are inside.
  5. Units that have not been stored within a folder.
  6. Search for items within the project.
  7. Consult the archived items in the project.
  8. Change the view mode list or grid mode.
  9. Project information. Includes date of creation, creator user, number of units, users of the project...
  10. Additional options. From here you can Edit the project, delete it, archive it and manage your users.
  11. Create elements within the project (folders or drives).

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