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"Activity block" is a component that includes one or more questions used to assess student knowledge. Each question inside the same block is answered and assessed independently, so this component is just a way of displaying activities together.
An activity block can only be added inside a section (See here).
You will find this component in the group of "Activity" components.

Remember Questions of an activity block can be considered when marking a unit as complete, which means the score can imply that the unit is marked as passed or not passed.
In order to send quiz scores to the LMS, we must go to quiz properties and mark the activity block as "Assessable".

Setup process

1. Access the "Properties" tab to configure the main settings of style (Show/Hide icon) and features (random questions, assessable/non-assessable questions) of the activity block.

2. We access the "Add" tab and include the activities we need. For further information about available activities, please check here




Show icon

By default, an icon appears in the left-upper area of the activity block. This property allows choosing to show/hide the icon.

Icon (60x60px)

This is the icon shown by default inside the activity block: 1x" data-image="n4tui22cpz19">
Using this property, this icon can be replaced by another one. Icon size should be 60*60px. Moreover, the image loaded to the page will have rounded borders.


This property allows showing the list of questions randomly. When this function is activated, a quiz is created, and a group of questions is created too. The number of questions depends on preset "Max. of questions" and questions will have a random order.

Max. nº of questions

This property allows deciding how many questions will be shown. So, we could create a quiz having 20 questions, but choose to show only 5 of them.
This property is related to another one called "Randomize". If questions are not ordered randomly, they will appear according to their creation (So, in the previous example the first 5 questions would be shown).
If we choose to randomize questions, X out of all questions will be shown randomly when creating the quiz. That means we will create a selection of questions, and each student will see a different group of questions.


It is possible to define if you want the quiz to be assessed or not, that is, whether you would like to send the score obtained to the LMS.


This property allows choosing what skills or academic goals are achieved when completing this activity block. This option is useful when the platform used to publish the unit keeps record of these data.