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Notifications are small pop-ups that stay on screen for a certain amount of time to launch a short message.

We can use them to launch feedback after answering questions, to give notices to the student to access certain content, etc.

Manage pop-ups

To manage notifications, go to the top left button.

In the "Notifications" area you can:

- Create new notifications, using the templates available in the theme.

- Rename the created notifications.

- Duplicate and create a copy.

- Delete notifications.

View notifications in list or grid mode

In the default notification management menu, you will see the list in thumbnail mode. If you prefer, you can view them in listed mode by clicking on this option:

Modify the properties of notifications.

When you access a notification, its properties menu opens.

    The properties you can configure are:

    • Your title
    • Your identifier. This is a data autogenerated by the system but you can customize it. If you customize it, you will help make the trace that the unit sends to the platform clearer (it is not the same as the content sent to the platform that "student1 interacted 29cb85cfg44" than sending, for example, that "student1 interacted popup1"). Remember that the Identifiers must be different, you can not repeat any identifier of any element within the unit, so you must be careful when modifying them and not repeating them.
    • Its duration, that is, the time it will be visible on the screen and then disappear. It is indicated in milliseconds.
    • Your visibility. You can decide whether or not a notification is visible based on the condition you decide. Click on "Add condition". Here you can decide which object/component to use as a reference and then you can decide the trigger that will make the notification visible. Depending on the object you choose, you'll have different triggers. For example, you could make the notification visible when the student passes an activity, or after viewing a video.

    Once the notification is configured, you can edit its content (texts, images, videos ...) and add new sections if necessary.

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