learningCloud FAQ - When is the information updated when I check the progress of a sprint?

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Here you can find the particularities to take into account when consulting the progress information in a sprint and detailing which information is updated on the fly and which is updated when the daily update of the instances is completed.

IMPORTANT: The daily update of reports starts at 8 AM (GMT+1) and ends at 5 PM (GMT+1)

Which information will be updated in the sprint and when is it updated?

When we check a sprint to see what students have done after 8am GMT+1, this information will not yet appear in the Report Activity until the daily update of reports is completed every day at 5pm GMT+1 (approx).

As an example of a sprint created yesterday that was accessed by students today after 8am GMT+1, this information will be updated tomorrow in the Activity Report and Progress Report and in the exported sprint report from 5pm GMT+1 when the daily report update is completed.

Activity Report

Progress Report

The information that will always appear on the fly is the user information in the User Progress section.

When we access a user's sprint activity list, we will be shown the first access, last access and status data for each sprint activity.

Another specific case in which we can obtain the information on the fly is when we consult a sprint that has been created today, and in addition has published and registered students, if these have already accessed the sprint on the same day, this information will appear in the Progress Report on the fly, but this will only happen in cases where the sprint has been created on the same day that we are consulting.

User Progress

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