LearningCloud (Admin) - Additional information for Sprint search. Extended fields in Sprints.

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A new functionality has been created within the management of SPRINTS, this will allow us to classify them and locate the information in the most appropriate way.

Added 3 additional field formats to SPRINTS so you can improve their location and ranking. The 3 formats are TEXT - DATE - LIST.

In the following image we show how to create a field of type LIST

After its creation it will now be available for use on the main SPRINTS Editing screen in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION area.

REMEMBER - These extended fields have nothing to do, nor are they synchronized with those of User Administration, the others are linked to the user, these however, to the sprint.

Once we have the data assigned we can use those concepts to search for them, by means of the EXTENDED FIELD FILTER tool. As shown in the image.

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