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Currently, our platform offers 2 places where you can consult the status reports of the trainings.

You will be able to see a Report menu within the administrator's portal. This section reflects the global. That is to say, information of each user of your platform related to all the contents located in it.

You will also find individual sprint training reports. It is accessed through any Sprint -> training  or directly through the training.

In the training , if we click on any part of the progress square we will enter its summary progress panel and we will have the option to export the report.

Here you can also reset the progress of a student. This can only be done student by student. If we click on the arrow to the right of each of the students, a pop-up window will be displayed where we can reset the progress.

The progress states of a user in the training are defined as follows:

1.- Not Started, the user has access to the sprint but has not yet entered it
2.- State started, the user has entered the sprint and has registered time. Times are recorded each time the content is accessed (session)
3.- Completed, the user has passed all the requirements configured in the sprint.

The image above shows the report displayed if we enter from the top menu of the Global Report in the administrator view of the learningCloud platform.

REMEMBER - There is a limit of 150,000 lines in the reports, so be careful not to exceed this limit in your queries.

What information does each report provide? 

The training report displays the list of users that have been enrolled in said training and their progress 

The Global Report display the information of all users an their trainings. In addition, the global report allows us to filter by the group.

What does each field mean in detail?

  1. Filter of user groups to be displayed, by default all are displayed but let select specific groups.
  2. Avatar column.
  3. Name column.
  4. User name column.
  5. Sprint name column.
  6. Dedicated time column.
  7. Average time spent per session column.
  8. Average weekly visits column.
  9. Column of obtained score.
  10. Sprint status column : GREEN > Completed; ORANGE > In progress; RED > Not completed; GREY > Not started.
  11. Column indicating the end date of the sprint.
  12. Sprint progress percentage column.
  13. Export button for this report to CSV format.
  14. Gear showing the custom fields we can add to the report.
  15. Results filter by page and page advance.

How often are these reports updated?

Both Sprints and user reports run once a day. The amount of data displayed needs to be calculated after 24 hours of platform use. Therefore, viewing the data in both reports will reflect actual data from the previous day.

What does the report history menu offer us?

When we want to download the aggregate user reports in CSV format, the task generated is complex, since we have to collect all the information from a user regarding the platform and all the Sprint where he is or has been registered.
The user report is generated in the background, in the "History" tab we will be able to access the last reports generated for downloading once they are available.

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