learningCloud FAQ - Managing Users of a Group Administrator on learningCloud

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Below we expand the information about the Group Administrator role on the learningCloud platform.

1) First we need to assign the Group Administrator role in learningCloud to the user within the Settings menu >> Users within the User Management. In this way we are giving the user the permissions to manage groups only within learningCloud, regardless of whether or not they have the same role on other platforms (netexCloud, Pack LMS...)

2) Add the user with the Group Administrator role to a group of users that we want him to manage in learningCloud. It is important that the user with the Group Administrator role is included in the groups we want him to manage, otherwise he will not have visibility in learningCloud of that group of users to manage them.

3) This group administrator user included in a group, will now have access to enroll the users of this group/groups, as well as view reports of specific members of these groups in learningCloud.

Please note that a Group Administrator user can be included in several groups, this means that all members of those groups will be available to be enrolled and managed by this user in learningCloud, regardless of whether this group administrator is listed as a group administrator on netexCloud or not. (see screenshot):

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