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LearningCloud limitations






70 Gb*


Total storage

Channels and Pathways


50 Channels or pathways created on platform

Better performance

Channels and Pathways


50 Sprints 20 Links

Better performance



20 Mission Blocks Max

Best experience



40 Activities max

Better performance

Activities in sprints

500 MB each activity

Less is more

Videos, Scorms and xAPI

Admin Screen Reports6 monthsN/A Better performance in a shorter period
Grouped user reports within a sprint 150 k linesN/A Better performance
TranslationsTranslations with descriptions up to 1000 characters and titles up to 500 characters N/A Maximum number of characters

Best Practices

  1. The list of Sprints can be displayed in both card format and list format, both formats support paging so the number of Sprints hosted on the platform will not affect their performance for loading both listings. Sprints can be searched by name and/or tags regardless of the number of Sprints available. Published sprints will be viewed on the student portal. Both those that are available and those that are expired. Therefore, the "Completed" sprint carousel will display all the sprints mentioned above so that, although their performance will not be affected, the user experience may be drastically affected if expired Sprints are not regularly cleaned.
  2. The channel search process is done only through the name, therefore a greater number of channels and pathways will make it difficult to manage them.
  3. There is no limitation on the number of mission blocks. The recommended limitation is based solely on the mode of consumption (for the student) and the presentation thereof. LearningCloud is a platform based on microlearning, that is, dividing the related training content into small learning modules. Microlearning is based on the short fragmented content being better suited to the attention span at which the human brain stays concentrated. Therefore, it is not recommended that a Sprint contain more than 20 mission blocks.
  4. There are a number of optimal activities for the proper functioning of the platform, when a Sprint contains a greater number of these its performance can be affected exponentially. The author is advised that the number of activities within a Sprint (regardless of the number of mission blocks) should not exceed 40 in total.
  5. Scorm activities always open in a new window, regardless of the type of display configured when creating that activity. Therefore, it is important not to block pop-ups in the browser of the user or students.
  6. Points awarded by the platform to users once given cannot be removed, they are points earned by them, therefore, even if the content that awarded those points is deleted, they will belong to the user indefinitely.
  7. About date adjustments in reports. The reports added in learningCloud run equally for all instances, users and Sprints within the Platform. In the past, we have had performance issues that negatively affect the user experience on the Platform.
    To avoid this problem and as a palliative measure, we have adjusted the reference time for the aggregate report to 6 months by default. This means that reports will only be calculated for those Sprints with a start date in the last 6 months.
    This date can be changed from time to time to obtain a specific report. Our recommendation is not to do this unless necessary and in which case, do it in a timely manner.
    In the meantime, we continue working on improving the reports so that we do not have to continue depending on conditional reports in time.

Recommended browsers

  • Latest versions of:
    • Microsoft Edge*
    • Chrome*
    • Firefox*
    • Safari*

Operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows*
  • OSX*
  • Linux*
  • iOS*
  • Android*

Available languages

  • German
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • French

(*) Two major last versions

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