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As we can see, since the release of the new learning pathways we can sequence our sprints and also make them mandatory as we can read in this release document.

This article is more focused on their expected behavior and what is going to be able and can not be done at this time, it also will be a service on demand in the near future (will be free until December 2019).

When an administrator is managing pathways will find the following behaviors.

  1. The Pathways are a functionality in testing period that will be available to all our learningCloud customers until December 2019 free of charge, the goal is to collect the usage impressions and see the best adaptation for your needs.
  2. The creation of a Pathway can be done from scratch or from the conversion of an existing channel, if we convert a channel there is no reverse tool, we would have to create the channel again to have it back the same as before.
  3. Pathways do not have reports of the status of users on them, if a user complete a sprint the info is stored at the level of that sprint itself. If a user is assigned to a Pathway where Sprint appear completed by the user previously, those formations will appear as passed.
  4. Pathways cannot be duplicated, as is done with Sprints.
  5. If we stop publishing an obligatory Sprint in a Pathway this will be blocked for all the users who have not completed this Sprint. Since the completion of a mandatory training is necessary to unblock the next one.
  6. Pathways do not have a web service tool to be created and managed outside the learningCloud interface.

From Netex we hope that this document will be useful for you to better understand the purpose of this functionality.

APPENDIX 10/02/2020

The services of the Pathways functionality will continue to be available in all our instances until the mid-2020s. When the decision is made to move to "premium" functionality everyone who has the functionality in use will be advised.

APPENDIX 21/10/2020

Due to the success and improvements received from customers, the functionality of "Pathways" has been extended at no extra cost until mid 2021.

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