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1. External Links - Netex exempts its responsibility for publishing all content that is not hosted on the platform, and we recommend that such content be opened by default in a new window to avoid viewing problems in the selected iFrame.

2. Videos - Netex disclaims its responsibility to publish all content not hosted on the platform (e.g. Vimeo PRO, Youtube.) These platforms and content within them are the responsibility of the creator and also depend on the restrictions that these providers apply to their products. As an example, embedded publishing restrictions and YouTube links are dynamic.

3. xAPI - From Netex we recommend:

  a. Use HTML5 to avoid different flash compatibility on different platforms.
  b. Scaling of the percentage points, since a content will return the percentile of completeness, but we must take into account that the Learning product will only compute the number of points obtained.
  c. Use these contents only in full screen to avoid embedded errors and their better compatibility in the multiplatform (because of the size we lose when interacting with them, especially in screens of 5" or smaller such as mobile devices).
  d. The contents must always send a status that corresponds to the SPRINT requirements.
  e. If a sprint includes SCORM content, the execution of the sprint by many users simultaneously must be taken into account. Ideally, these types of sprints should be run by a controlled number of users at a time for a better experience on the platform.
4. Presentations - To be eligible for grading, they must ALWAYS have a final evaluation.

5. Audio - In case of uploading an audio to the platform the audio player shown is the only means for its correct reproduction. If you need an alternative, please contact us so that we can inform you about different success stories of how our clients use the platform.

6. Images - The images used for the creation of the sprint, in blocks and cover, must be conveniently treated to minimize weight. If it contains a lot of images, it is ideal to keep the weight to a minimum, even if you are sacrificing quality.

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