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Generating content within a learning application has never been easier.

On the screen of cards or Sprints list that we have just started the application, click on the blue button with the "+" in the lower right corner.

It will send us to the next screen.

The editable zones are the image of the Sprint card itself, its title (required field), description, tags, catalogs, gamification and additional information.

1. Sprint image

As with all the images we include in Learning, the screen will tell us the aspect ratio you need.

2 and 3. Title and description.The title is the only required field to create the sprint

4. We can assign tags to sprints that can facilitate their classification.

5. If we have configured catalogs we can assign our sprint to one of them. Remember that this action is irreversible. Once we assign the sprint to a catalog if we save it we can not change or delete the catalog assingned.

6. Gamification: In this section we will assign points and/or badge that will be awarded when the student completes the sprint.

7. Aditional Info: If we have configured extended fields in our learningCloud, here we can give you values for the sprint

Once we have covered all the information we want we will proceed to save the sprint.

After all this information we come to the home page of the contents.


Just pressing the "+" button gives us to choose 4 different header presentations.


-REMEMBER- You can change the Mission Block type at any time during sprint editing with the button present in the sprint header

B: Sprint Menu

Details: We return to the introduction of title, description, tags, catalogs, gamification and additional information.

Publish: We publish the sprint

Block edition: We can block the edition for other users.

Duplicate: We created a copy of the current Sprint.

Delete: We deleted the Sprint.


REMEMBER- When you publish a SPRINT we lose the option to change its structure. If you publish by mistake, make a copy of the Sprint and you will have access to change the structure again. Remember that this is because of the integrity of the tracking data of the students who have completed it.

C: Preview

We will launch the script for your preview, this view does not affect your tracking metrics.

D: Trainings

Once the sprint is published, the option to create trainings will be enabled

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