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It gives us a view of the total SPRINTS on the platform, which are the most valued and the Top 5 users with points, and also allows us to have a forum channel with the rest of the users administrators.

Zone A: Shows the total of Sprints on the platform along with 3 percentages, published percentages, mandatory percentages and the percentage of recommendations.

Zone B: Shows the best rated Sprints, in this section we can click on the Sprint and it will send us to the list of "Ratings and Opinions".

Zone C: Shows us the Leaderboard with the TOP5 of the best scores on the platform.

Zone D: We access the SPRINTS comment forum

A: We created a new discussion thread.

B: Time since it was created.

C: Inappropriate comment button, it will show the comment as crossed out.

D: Display answers in its two different states.

E: Buttons for editing our own comment, only the user who created it will have access to editing their comments.

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