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It is one of the initial pages that we will see when we enter the application, when we select it it will show us the classification.

  • We will be able to click on each of the users listed and show us their profile information, PERSONAL DATA, SPRINTS and PRIZES.
  • Inside the profile we will see the SPRINTS that you have IN PROGRESS, COMPLETED, NOT INITIATED and NOT COMPLETED.
  • On the PRIZES screen within the user's menu we will see which ones have been awarded to that user.

In the menu on the left we select AWARDS

You can use the filter bar to sort by name or date in ascending or descending order.

Any prize selected will display the DELETE button on that bar.

It'll ask us if we're sure we want to delete the prize.

If it is being used, the prize will inform us of the SPRINTS and ACTIVITIES that have it referenced.

We'll use the magnifying glass to search for prizes by name.

To create a new prize we will use the "+" button.

Select the image of the prize by pressing the blue button. The menu will indicate the characteristics, as every time we place images in the NETEX products.

It will show us the screen of creation of the prizes, the obligatory fields to fill in are: TITLES, DESCRIPTION, CRITERIA, NAME OF ISSUE and URL OF ISSUE.

REMEMBER- You will not be able to delete a prize that has been awarded to a player, so that they can keep the history of their achievements.

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