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This drop-down menu will let you edit the content, behaviour and punctuation of the menu.

Option A: Details

Allows you to edit the SPRINT Configuration Details.

The fields are:

  • A distinctive SPRINT Title
  • A Description to facilitate your location, this information is part of the information we locate when using the search magnifier.
  • Start and end dates of the SPRINT together if required.
  • Tag Creation and Assignment Area, to remove a tag, you only have to disassociate it from all the SPRINTS that host it.
  • Gamma Prizes, will allow us to establish the score obtained at the end of the whole SPRINT.
  • SPRINT badge, will allow us to choose one and only one badge per SPRINT created.

Option B: Edit

It allows us to edit the content of the SPRINT, both Activities and Mission Blocks. We will go into more depth on the topic dedicated to the edition that you can find in this link.

When a SPRINT is not published, we will have direct access to the editing tools in all its actions and the creation of new mission blocks, as we can see in the adjacent image.

When a SPRINT is published, this menu access will not display any edit buttons until it is no longer published. 


REMEMBER- When a SPRINT is no longer published, it is blocked so that users cannot access it but it does not affect its history. Likewise, small changes can be made but its structure cannot be edited for reasons of historical preservation and consistency of the evaluation results.

Option C: User registration 

It allows us to enrol students in the sprint. We have two possibilities:

The group registration allows us to upload a file with the data of the students we want to register. They must be existing cloud users with a student role in play. We can also download an example of the file to configure the file without errors.

The registered users screen will let us locate them using the search, at the bottom it will let us mark to see all the users in a single page. (More info in this FAQ document)

Option D: Group registration

We will be able to enroll user groups and their nested subgroups in a SPRINT using this functionality.

REMEMBER- The creation of groups and sub-groups is done from Cloud Users menu in the main menu next to our user in the top left corner of the Configuration icon. 

Option E: Preview

This option will let us see the contents of the SPRINT running, whether it is published or not, the preview will not affect the tracking or become part of any statistics on the platform.

At all stages we will have an indicator informing us that we see a preview from where we can press the booty to get out of it.

Option F: Publish / Hide (Not published / Published)

This option has two states, depending on whether the SPRINT is published or not. 

In case we want to publish, we will be asked, we must take into account that publishing means that students have a vision of the content, as long as it is between the publication dates and that changes in the structure can no longer be made due to the integrity of the evaluation results.

When you stop publishing a SPRINT, it is only blocked so that users cannot access it but it does not affect its history.

REMEMBER- When a SPRINT is no longer published, small changes can be made but its structure cannot be edited for reasons of historical preservation and consistency of the evaluation results.

Option G: Lock Edit / Download xAPI (Not published / Published)

Using this option we block the editing of the SPRINT, it will not be editable until we unlock it again.

If the Sprint is published, we will lose the ability to lock it but are able to download a xAPI for execution as an activity on the LearningCentral platform.

REMEMBER - To view Learning content on your LMS it will only be compatible with Learning Central and the content must be present and published to be functional. This tool is not designed as a backup for Sprints. For more information, we invite you to visit point three of our Best Practices Guide for creating SPRINTS.

Option H: Duplicate

When this option is executed, a new Sprint identical to the previous one will be generated with the prefix "Copy from" in its title. The copy of a content is made without affecting the exceedance statistics that will be stored in the first one.

Option I: Delete

This option removes the SPRINT and all its stored tracking, this option cannot be undone so we advise you to check the statistics if at any time it was published and to make a previous copy so as not to lose the contents. 

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