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From this screen you can manage all the options for creating and publishing the sprints. We observe that on the left we have the different search options: sprints, events or calls.

We will be able to observe 3 different areas of work within the page:

The top bar

Zone A: Back to the initial screen.

Zone 1: View sprint usage data:

Zone 2: View of the Sprints cards or list. (Cards and list)



Zone 2: View of the cards or list of Events. (Cards and list)



Zone 2: View of the Calls.

Zone 3: Channel menu.

Zone 3: Channel call menu

Zone 4: View of scores.

Zone 4:
View of the prizes.

Zone 4: Report menu.

Zone 5
History of reports

Zone B: Learning configuration zone.

Zone C: Cloud application change menu.

Zone D:
LearningCloud user menu.

The filter bar

It gives us the view of selection of presentation of the cards and order of the same.

Quick filter view:

1. Filtering by state (published, unpublished, or stateless):

2. Sort in ascending or descending order by the fields in this drop-down: 

3. Filter by extended fields: The following submenu is displayed:

3. Filter by tags: if we have an associated tag we can use it to filter your search:

4. List or card view: allows us to switch between both views.

Cambio de vistaChange of view

The card screen / list

We perform a search using a label filtering (Test) in Card view:

We switch to list view: in this mode we can see more information: number of activities, status of the sprint and whether it was updated by a user and their update date.

Within each Sprint, there is a button that allows us more options (3 buttons). It appears in both view modes:

Card view

List view

Within the menu the following options are presented: in both types of view it is displayed in the same way.


-REMEMBER- Activities are each of the objects that we introduce in a SPRINT, videos, Audios, etc. Not to be confused with Mission blocks which is what houses them.

I: Access to the SPRINT comments menu.

The label "Published" Indicates that the content is already accessible by enrolled students, "Unpublished" indicates that it has been unpublished. If there is no tag indicates that the content is still in edit.

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