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From this screen you can manage all the options for creating and publishing sprints.

We will be able to observe 3 different working areas:

The top bar

Zone A: Return to the initial screen.

Zone 1: Sprints usage dataview.

Zone 2: View of cards or Sprints list. (Cards and list)

Zone 3: View scores, prizes and ranks on the platform.

Zone 4: Channel menu

Zone 5:Reporting menu

Zone E: Learning configuration zone.

Zone F: Cloud App Change Menu.

Zone G: Learning Cloud user menu.

Zone H: Channel management menu.

The filter bar

It gives us the selection view of the presentation of the cards and order of them.

Quick filter view.

Clicking on any of the 5 options will select only sprints that meet the selected features.

The delete button

will be present only when an option is selected, pressing it will remove all selected features.

The "filter by tags" button

shows us a tag selection interface to show only matching SPRINTS.


Tags can be entered from the details menu within the 3-point menu or "edit menu"

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