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LearningCloud has the possibility to gamify the activities in the sprints.
This is an option available for activities such as File, External Activity, SCORM/xAPI Activity, Video, Interactive Presentation and Questionnaire.

To gamify an activity click on the icon

Located in the upper right corner

In the activities type File and External Activity you only have the default option "When opening the activity".
To gamify the activity so that you can award a reward to students check the box "Yes, gamify activity".

This will allow you to award two types of rewards, which can be selected individually or simultaneously:

  1. Through points.
  2. Awarding a badge. What you can select when you tap
    This option will display a new screen that will allow you to select a badge or create a new one if you press the

For SCORM/xAPI activities you have the following options:

  1. "When opening the activity", is the default option.
  2. "By overcoming the activity." The passing criterion must appear in the xAPI content.
  3. "Upon completion of the activity." The criteria to complete it to appear in the xAPI.

If you want to reward students, in addition to the options indicated above, you have the possibility of awarding the same points of the activity.

The system will award the score automatically. This score will be obtained from the configuration of the xAPI content itself.

Video-type activities can be gamified as follows:

  1. "Upon completion of the activity." The activity is completed when the student finishes watching the video. Note that you need at least one interactivity or summary at the end of the video for the gamification rule to work.
  2. ""Correctly respond to the questions posed in the activity."

Students can be rewarded by awarding the points of the video questionnaire.

In this case 1 point will be awarded for each correct answer.

In Carousel-type activities, when gamifying in the "When completing activity" mode, if the presentation has an evaluation it will be considered complete when the student reaches the final summary slide.

If as a prize we award the points of the evaluation of the presentation, the system will award 1 point for each correct answer.

The Questionnaire type activity can be configured as "When passing the activity" or "Respond correctly to the questions posed in the activity".

By selecting the option "When passing the activity", the minimum percentage of response should appear in the questionnaire settings. The activity is considered passed when the student reaches this percentage.

We can select as a prize for the student to award the points of the evaluation of the presentation,  this way the system will award 1 point for each correct answer.

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