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Trainings allow us to create editions of Sprints and Pathways, assign them a start and end date, enroll users, and exploit reports.

-REMEMBER- The sprints that existed before the release of Trainings have been automatically created a Training with users who were already enrolled and their progress.

To create a Training the sprint must be published.

Trainings can be created from the sprint menu

Or from within the sprint in the Training section

-REMEMBER- You can create as many Trainings for a sprint as you need.

Creation of new Training

1. Title: By default the same title as the sprint is automatically configured. We can put the title we want, we can also assign an external ID.

2. Start date or End: The dates are no longer configured in the sprint, these are assigned to each Training . By default we have activated that has no expiration date, so only the start date is mandatory. The start date will be at least the day we are creating the Training .

If we select the day of "today" the status of the Training will be "open"

If we select a later date the status of the Training will be "planned" until the marked day arrives, then it will change to "open".

(Remember: Users enrolled in a planned Training will see the course but will not be able to access it until the start date. The days remaining to start are shown to the user)

If we set an end date, once reached, the status of the Training will change to "closed"

Users will see closed Trainings on their "Completed" carousel whether they completed the sprint or not.

Closed Training can be reopened, you just need to change the date.

3. Mandatory or Free enrollment. When we create the Training , by default the free enrollment option is activated, this means that users will see these Training in their carousel of "Recommended" and they will be the ones who have to sing to them manually.

If we deactivate this option the enrolled users of the Training will see it in their carousel of "My learning"

4. Reviews. If we activate this option users will be able to rate the sprint and review the ratings of other users.

5. Comments. If we activate this option, users will be able to leave comments.

6. Ranking. We will activate this option if we want users to be able to see the ranking.

Once we have created the Training we can enroll users.

We can do this in 3 different ways.

  • Using CSV: We can upload a file with the data of the students we want inscribe. They must be existing users in netexCloud with student role in learningCloud. We can also download an example of the file for configure the file without errors.

  • By groups: We will be able to enroll user groups and their nested sub-groups in a SPRINT using this functionality.

  • Individually: On this screen we will be shown all the users that we can summon. If we put the name in the search engine or the email we will be shown the ones that match.

REMEMBER - Creating groups and sub-groups it has to be done in netexCloud section that you can access from the general menu next to our user at the top left in the Configuration icon.

Channels also have Trainings such as sprints


When a user has completed a Training for a sprint and is enrolled in another of the same sprint the system validates the other Trainings so that they do not have to do it again. The same is when the sprint is included in a channel and the user has already completed a sprint Training.

Now the Dashboard is associated with each Training. In it we will be able to see the users, their progress, user reports, activity reports, comments and ratings.

In the Trainings we also have the option to download them as xApi for LMS Central or for any LMS (standard)

REMEMBER - To view Learning content in your LMS it must be present and published to be functional. This tool is not designed as a backup of the Sprints. For more information we invite you to visit point three of our Guide of best practices for creating SPRINTS.

Finally we can delete the Training and all its stored track, but this option can not be undone so we advise to be sure before performing this action.

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