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You will find this main screen just in case your adaptation to our tools does not redirect your account right away to learningCloud module. 

Here you can find your user menu to check notifications an announcements (1) also the lateral "Current events" (2) were you can check announcements and polls and central menu (3) where you can check this announcements, notifications and learningCloud module to start.

REMEMBER - Maybe It's possible that you have no access to this first menu, you go right away to next menu instead, it is because you can choose to avoid this first step if you want during the roll out process in your platform, in case you want to activate o deactivate this screen please consult your learning consultant.

This is learningCloud students main screen. Here, the user will be advised about pending sprints (blue) pending channels (green) and in case you have this functionality active, events pending (pink).

Inside "Sprints" menu you will find "My learning" for all the unfinished sprints that you are enrolled, "Recommended for you" is were auto enrolment sprints that you are in are shown and "Completed" were all finished sprints are stored.

The "Channels" menu will show the channels were you are enrolled and also in "Channels recommended" the auto enrolment channels were you are enrolled.

Just in case Events is activated in your site you will be able to see this screen with information about next classroom sessions.

"Achievements" screen provides you info about your main score, also show your rank in the table.

Inside "Achievements" you will find "My badges". Here you can find the amount of badges earned at the moment and the possibility to sync all of them inside badgr.

In case all the sprints are finished, you only will be able to see completed menu in the main screen, "My learning" will be gone.

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