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Selects the File component to the workspace.

The activity is added to the mission block.

To create a new one we select the "create" button.

Add the Activity Name and Description in the Edit Activity window.

Upload the file(PDF files only)we select the presentation if we want it embedded in full screen or in a new window and mark if we want to allow comments.

To use an existing, previously created activity we use the "browse" button

Select the one that interests us and give it to the button "add"

The file type activity allows you to create milestones and is gamifiable but without interactions, this means that as soon as the user clicks on it you will be awarded the points, since PDF files do not have the possibility to return any trace or trace to any software in the cloud.

REMEMBER- This activity is gamifiable but has no interactions. We have also put at your disposal a series of tips and manual of good practices that you can find in the following link.

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