What happens to the improvement request I asked for?

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Since Netex moderate in the appropriate product forum your improvement, until our product manager answers you informing whether it is included in future work plans or not, many things happen (impact assessments, coordination meetings between the different modules included in the tool ... etc.). That's why the estimated time we give to respond a request is expected to be between 1 - 3 months.

An improvement request is evaluated in a way that is beneficial for the product in general, oriented to 100% of our clients, so functionalities that seem obvious to your business may end up being excluded for this reason.

So, won't a rejected improvement request ever be made?

In the short term (3 months) it will not be carried out and for the medium term (the following 9 months) it will not be reviewed. That is why we say it will be "EXCLUDED" from our actual roadmap (although there may be rare exceptions due to evolution of product's needs).

Our community rules provide that a request for improvement excluded after one year will be erased, there are 2 different reasons behind:

  1. To leave again the option of reopening the discussion if the product orientation make it still necessary.
  2. A history of previous exclusions does not create a bias in the impression our customers have from older requests for improvement.

What happens if an improvement request is accepted?

As soon as we accept an improvement request as viable, it will be added into our work plan and its execution will depend on the amount of effort required or the amount of commitments previously made by the product. Improvements of few hours of effort can be incorporated in the following 3 months, but normal scenario will be that we dedicate what remains of year to look for a release to deploy, likewise, all the accepted improvements can be incorporated as part of other functionalities that include requested improvements.

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