Creating a Support Ticket

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For Netex customers who have contracted the Basic SLA there are 2 ways to create an incident in the community.

1.- Send an email to

2.- By creating a case in the community portal (you must log in first).

When a user enters the community they will be able to access all the public information without the need to be authenticated, this is the Forum (doubts, improvements and what you like) and the Knowledge Base (the manuals of the apps).

This allows us to log in using the menu on the top right.

Once we enter we are in our personal tickets view, you can select what you want to see.

There we can select between:

Problem to Fix
 (default): For incidents of the behaviour of the contracted platforms.
: For the request of tasks contracted with the Technical Office.

Now we can select it and we will see the following screen.

If we create a case using the New Ticket button, we will see this screen.

Here you can enter the subject of the case, its description, choose the affected product in the category and its priority.

We hope this information will be helpful to you from the Netex customer support department.
Remember - It will be very important for us that if you add as much information about an issue, this will help to increase the speed and efficiency of our support. Please note that Netex has many customers with different instances, most of whom use the same terms to refer to their training.
Some recommended information to add when errors are reported are:

- Platform: PC or Mac (Browser and version) Mobile (Android /IOS /Android+IOS).
- URL: or any other affected URL
- ID or Exact name for: (Course/Activity/Plan/Project/Project/Model/Print)
- Affected users: This will be useful for log investigation.
- Date/Time: Log investigation needed
- Screenshots: Screenshots or videos

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