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learningCloud introduces a new tool for event management that allows authors to create sessions to schedule virtual and face-to-face classes. 

The main features of this new functionality are:

  1. Management:
    1. Ability to create virtual sessions
    2. Ability to create face-to-face sessions. 
    3. Create and assign physical locations to face-to-face classes. 
    4. Add attachments to share between users.
    5. Ability to integrate with video conferencing tools for seamless session creation.
  2. Registration:
    1. Registration of users or groups of users.
    2. Creation of self-registration sessions.
  3. Evaluation:
    1. Enable evaluation with cut-off criteria.
    2. Register attendance.
  4. Reports:
    1. Check the status of users in the sessions.
    2. Filter by student, group or completion status.
    3. Export report in CSV.
  5. User:
    1. Possibility of assigning permission to the teacher to record attendance and evaluation, and uploading attachments.

With an intuitive interface and from one place, you can create units to structure the Events, add attachments, evaluation and much more.

Learner Experience

From the interface itself, it is possible to assign which user will assume the teacher's role for a given session. This role will be able to register the attendance of the users, as well as evaluation capabilities, if the session is assessable.

Users can access their Events directly from the learningCloud portal, and attend both the events in which they have been registered and those with free registration that they are interested in.

From its portal, the user can:

  • add their sessions to their personal calendar
  • download teacher attachments
  • access the session link
  • check the location of the physical sessions
  • check the score and attendance of past sessions.


The administrator of the platform can access reports on all published events. Among the data available are:

  • check the student's status regarding the completeness of the sessions.
  • filter by status and/or group.
  • check the score and attendance of users.
  • export the data in CSV format.

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