14/11/2019 Release notes 4.4.0

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In order to guarantee the privacy of the participants in the platform, from now on learningCloud at the application level will allow the anonymization of both Sprint and platform classifications (global classification).

When this option is activated by the administrator, only the user's own profile will appear anonymised.

There are two levels of anonymization in the platform.

  1. Administrator level: This level is the most restrictive of all. Only a user with administrator role will be able to access this level and if it is activated it will prevail over the user level. In this level you can choose between three options that will apply to the entire platform:
    1. Complete (Default): Default option of the platform. When choosing this option all users will appear with their image, name and surname.
    2. Global anonymization (anonymous users): This option will allow us to anonymize all users who are part of any classification within your learningCloud regardless of the preference chosen by it. When this option is enabled the global classification will look like this

    1. Custom: This option allows the user to choose their anonymized level. By default, your image, name and surname will appear in the platform, but in the configuration you will be able to choose how you want to appear in the classifications.
  1. User level: When the administrator has selected the Custom option, it is the user who is responsible for establishing (if desired) an avatar or alias that will appear in both the sprint and platform classifications. It is the user's responsibility to change their profile picture directly from the settings. It should be noted that when the user accesses his own ratings he will see his name without alias or anonymized.
    To access this option, you have to go to "Your profile" and then "Edit".

The administrator will be able to access his configuration at any time through the configuration icon: and change at any time the configuration of the platform for his instance.

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