17/10/2019 Release Notes 4.3.0

Roles and permissions

With learningCloud 4.3.0 a new functionality will be released that provides new management modes for your users. From now on, in netexCloud you will be able to create three new roles that affect the permissions in the different management areas of your learningCloud. Below is a list of the new roles available: 

  • Administrator: Full access to the learningCloud management platform.
  • Group administrator: Management of enrollments and recommendations at group level.
  • Author: Creation of content within the platform.
  • Validator: Publication of Sprints. 
  • User: Student, content consumption...

With the new learningCloud roles, any user can have more than one role and all users can be enrolled or recommended in the sprints, so it will be very easy to switch between the different portals. When you have a multirole user (any role + student role), access your profile image and jump between the different portals with a single click. 

If you want to access a more detailed description of the actions that each role can do, you can access the configuration in your learningCloud panel and access the roles tab.


Roles’s details




The administrator role can perform any type of action on the platform: 


  • Create content (Sprints/Channels).
  • Enroll or recommend users/groups in the content. 
  • Publish/Unpublish Sprints.
  • View Sprints reports.
  • View platform level reports,
  • Create, delete and edit badges.
  • Create, delete and edit levels
  • Assign scores to students.

Group Administrator


The group administrator role can:


  • Enroll/recommend user in groups.
  • View Sprints reports.
  • Create, delete, and edit levels



The author role can:


  • Create content (Sprints/Channels).
  • Create, delete and edit badges.




The role validator can: 


  • Publish/unpublish Sprints.



The user role can:


  • Do Sprints.

"Create, delete, and edit levels" - What are 'levels'?


The "levels" are point labels for users. If you want to give a certain rank/level to a user based on points, this is the right place to do it. 

This is a screenshot from where you can do this:


Ah I see. They are called Ranks in the platform, that's why I didn't know what levels were.




This looks great. 

When is it going out?



We are planning for early next week. Right now, we are performing final tests.