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NetexCloud & LearningCloud accessibility compliance

Videoarts 5 months ago updated by Yessica Espinosa 1 month ago 8

I have a question about how compliant NetexCloud & Learning cloud are with W3C standards? I couldn't find any information in the knowledge base about this subject.

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Hello, Im interested in the W3C’s Accessibility Guidelines, if you are using this kind of guidelines in the development of your content creation.  For example.  Are you considering the principles of  a content to be Perceivable and Operable? Can I develop a content for blind people?


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My question was in regards to general accessibility of the platform for people with disabilities such as blindness.


I don't have a list of requirements, I am just trying to find out what level of compliance the play platform has with W3C standards?

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Dear Videoarts,

Our Product Manager needs to know better what kind of W3C compliance are you asking for. 

W3C has a lot of standards e.g.

  • Accesibility
  • Internationalization
  • Architecture

Would you mind to explain what are you trying to accomplish in order we can provide the more accurate answer?

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Good morning,

Regarding W3C which topic are you asking for? Do you have some list of requirement that we need to be compliant with in order to give you details about?

Thank you!