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Users can self-register on classroom sessions in learningCloud Sprints

Logicearth Support 3 months ago • updated by Josman Pérez (learningCloud Product Owner) 3 months ago 2


To our understanding, users will not be able to register onto classroom sessions in learningCloud Sprints.

E.g. someone in a company could not self-enrol or express an interest in a Time Management course.

This, self-registration, is how face-to-face sessions are managed in the majority of companies.

Can this be looked into please?



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I don't understand what you mean by "classrooms" sessions. Currently sprints can be recommended by the person responsible for training and is the user who chooses whether to register or not, and it must be recommended.

On the other hand, what can be done at the moment, is to create a channel where a series of sprints are recommended, thanks to the assignment rules, the groups that enroll in that channel will automatically have access to the recommended sprints, so that they can manually choose whether or not to enroll.



Buenos días,

No entiendo a qué se refiere con las sesiones de "classrooms". Actualmente los sprints pueden ser recomendados por el responsable de la formación y es el usuario es que escoge si quiere inscribirse o no, es cierto que, previamente, debe de estar recomendado. 

Por otro lado, lo que se puede hacer de momento, es crear un canal en donde se recomienden una serie de sprints, gracias a las reglas de asignación, los grupos que inscriba en ese canal automáticamente tendran acceso a los sprints recomendados, de forma que manualmente puedan escoger si inscribirse o no.

Un saludo!