Group admin needs to be able to search users

Hi there,

at https://community.netexlearning.com/en/communities/28/topics/4818-groupadmin-misses-search-function?redirect_to_reply=52806#comment-52806 I've asked to re-open the improvement request, but I was asked to make a new one. I hope a ticket is the right way to do so.

Our client uses a lot of groupadmins that only manage users that work for a specific company (client of our client). 

Now they often have multiple pages with users and if they have to make a change or disable an account they have to go through all those pages to find the right account. Therefore they've asked for the improvement to search in this list.

Please look at this again. And if there is another view for the groupadmins where this can be done, please also let us know, because maybe we are missing something here.