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George A. Georgiou 7 months ago in learningCentral (LMS) updated by Ntx Support (Customer support agent) 6 months ago 2

Hello Team,

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How can I generate a Course Gradebook Report (Excel) including a column giving me the score (60%-70%-80%-… or else) for each student? I want to evaluate each ones score regardless their status (Passed or In Progress)

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Hello George,

Scoring for each student doesnt appear for Course reports. If you want to get this information you will have to get a Session report from each activity the course had.

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Jacobo Gómez Customer Support Agent 


Hola George,


La puntuación del curso no se muestra en los informes del curso. Si quieren obtener la puntuación de los alumnos tienen que utilizar los informes de las acciones formativas, de cada una de las actividades que tenga ese curso. En este caso si se muestra la puntuación que han obtenido en esa actividad.


Jacobo Gómez Customer Support Agent