Message when you press Exit button on Berlin and Tokyo templates

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The case is that it is quite incongruous that when the browser prevents the window from closing, a message appears that tells you quite the opposite: "The course has been closed correctly".

The course has NOT been closed (that is precisely why the message appears, if it had been closed, it would not appear). What you've done is successfully submit the trace, but the course hasn't been closed. With this, many users may have doubts about whether to close with the browser's aspa (we have warned you throughout the course on several occasions that you do not) or not. Besides, it gives the feeling that something isn't working well.

For all that, I would suggest that that message be changed to another message that says "Course tracking has been sent correctly, you can close the browser" or something similar, more in line with what actually happens.

I hope you'll tell me if this change is possible.

Best regards

Ntx Support
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Primero de nada disculpa la espera en nuestra respuesta.

Tenemos una contestación de nuestro departamento de desarrollo. Se ha implementado un cambio para que aparezca el mensaje "Se han almacenado correctamente tus avances. Cierra la ventana para salir."


Jacobo Gómez Customer Support Agent



Firs of all, sorry about our delay with our reply.

We have news from our development team. From now on, after clicking exit button, it will show the following message: "All progress was saved. Close this tab to exit."

Kind regards,

Jacobo Gómez Customer Support Agent


Hola, os planteo otra posible solución, por si alguna de las dos fuese viable: cambiar el funcionamiento del JS para el evento "OnClickClose" de 'window.close()' a '' cuando se pulsa el botón Salir para salir del curso. Esto haría que el curso se cerrase en el reproductor que utilizamos.
Os agradecería alguna respuesta al respecto de las dos opciones planteadas.


Ntx Support
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