Group allocation rules. Allow to include the Date of registration field of the user's record (automatically updated)

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We would like to be able to display the Date of registration field of the user's record on the user card and be able to include this field in the group assignment rules.

The goal is to add users of a course as recipients users who have been registered from a certain date. We understand that the user's discharge date field already exists in the system and will always be updated automatically. It would be very useful to be able to view it and use it in the allocation rules.

Samantha Vázquez Fustes
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Samantha Vázquez Fustes
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Hola María,

Primeramente habría que verificar que el campo extensible esté configurado como visible para el perfil de usuarios: 

La responsable de producto nos comunica lo siguiente: 

Nos parece una propuesta interesante la parte de poder usar ese tipo de campos para crear reglas de asignación a grupos y en línea con las funcionalidades esperadas del producto, por tanto lo hemos incluído en el product funnel.

Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a mejorar nuestras herramientas.


Netex Support


Hello Maria,

First of all, it should be verified that the extendable field is configured as visible for the user profile:

Our Product Owner informs us of the following:

We find it an interesting proposal to be able to use this type of field to create group assignment rules and in line with the expected functionality of the product, so we have included it in the product funnel.

Many thanks for helping us to improve our tools.

Best regards,

Netex Support

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