Automatically unassign users from groups

Videoarts 5 months ago updated by Logicearth Support 2 months ago 4

In NetexCloud, currently you can enrol users to groups by using assignment rules, but if someone's parameters change and the rules no longer apply to them then they are not automatically taken out of the group.

For example, if you have a Manager group based on Job Title = Manager rule and a user is changed from a Manager to another job role then they should not be in the Manager group any more.

We've had this query a number of times from clients and on sales calls. It would be great if this could be addressed. 

The interface very rapidly becomes messy / cluttered for the end-user as redundant / irrelevant groups & their associated Channels fill up the screen.

Good morning,

We are investigating this improvement suggestion very carefully. Although we do think that the possibility of remove users automatically when the configured rule does not apply anymore is interesting, the feature was originally designed to support different functionality as we also need to think about those users that might be added manually to the same group. 

If we just automatically remove users when the rule does not apply, manually adding users to those groups will become also a real mess and almost an impossible task. 

As soon as we come up with a simpler and clearer design that also includes the suggestion, we will inform you how we will proceed with this topic.

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Thank you Saray. This would be a standard part of automatic enrolment in many LMS's. It can sometimes be overruled manually (as you point out) but that manual override (at least in larger organisations where the HR data is accurate) is an unusual case.