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In the users area I have just tried to use a filter which would select individual users whom are members of two specific groups. However the results gave me all users in both groups including those who are a member of only one of the groups I filtered for which isn't the result I want. The filter is essentially using 'OR' instead of 'And' as I would expect.

Also it doesn't seem that you can export the filtered results.

Can these two pieces of functionality be improved as described?

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Good morning Will,

This is something you need to ask Saray (new PO of netexCloud) as this something not related to learningCloud.

Please, move the issue to netexCloud board.

Thank you 

How do we do that?


Support already redirected this thread to Josman's recommended forum.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Good morning Will,

Thank you for comments. You are completely right, thank you for noticing this unfortunate discrepancy between the filtering options we offer. 

On the following weeks we will evaluate how to solve this problem so that all filters work using 'AND' logic. As soon as we find the solution for this problem, we will let you know how our development team will proceed with its resolution.

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