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Samantha Vázquez Fustes (Escalation specialist) 4 months ago in learningCloud Mobile updated by Francisco López (Team Leader) 4 months ago 2
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Good morning,

How can I set the app tour to only appear in these two following cases?

  • In your first log in with the user. 
  • When there are app updates affecting to this tour

Now it is launching in every single access and we don´t like it...

Thank you



Buenas tardes; 

Esta propuesta de mejora es interesante y ha sido estimada por el equipo. 

Comentarte que nos acaban de comunicar que han decidido incluirla en sus próximos desarrollos.  

Tan pronto podamos confirmar que esta mejora está desplegada nos pondremos en contacto contigo para informarte. 

Muchas gracias, un saludo.

Netex Support


Good afternoon,

This improvement proposal is very interesting for our Dev team and they have decided to include this development in the following releases.

As soon as we can confirm this improvement has been released we´ll be back to you and let you know.

Thanks for helping us to improve our tools.

Netex Support