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Add a message confirming an error or success in the process when updating a published activity.

Davide Palummo 4 days ago updated by Samantha Vázquez Fustes (Escalation specialist) 4 days ago 1

Taking into account that updating a SCORM activity is a practice to be avoided and it is recommended to publish a new activity that reflects the changes made to the new version, sometimes we need to update a published activity with small changes keeping the original structure of the published activity. 

When I performe the operation in these specific cases, this process finishes without any alert : Error in process or processed succesfully. And this is a great limitation of the features of the LMS module of NetexCloud.

It is important to get this feedback from the platform after uploading the file in order to confirm if the activity has been updated successfuly or if it hasn't.



Performance assessment start reminder to team leaders

maria.martinezga 9 months ago updated by Francisco López (Team Leader) 8 months ago 2

Performance evaluation training actions must be performed by the team leaders of enrolled students. However, start reminders are sent to students.

Bosses are only notified if an employee on their team requests to be evaluated (by pressing the Request button). So, if the student doesn't request it, they'll never get notified.

I propose that start reminders be sent to team leaders in this type of training actions, just as in other types of training actions are sent to trainers.

Thanks a lot.



Hola María,

Nuestro responsable de producto a estado revisando tu petición y al final hemos decidido desestimarla. Lo lamentamos pero debemos priorizar entre diferentes tareas y los recursos son limitados.

Agradecemos tu aportación y quedamos a la espera de que nos mandes más solicitudes de mejora.


Hi, María,

Our product manager has been reviewing your request and in the end we have decided to dismiss it. We are sorry but we have to prioritize between different tasks and resources are limited.

We appreciate your input and look forward to receiving more improvement requests.