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netexCloud 2.27.0: changes to bulk user import

During CSV user import, you no longer need to enter user roles using the Merge (M) operation.

Find out what impact it has on managing your users.

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learningCloud 4.3.0: new roles and permissions management

From now on, in netexCloud you will be able to assign three new roles that affect the permissions in the different management areas of your learningCloud.

Also, now any user can have more than one role simultaneously, so it will be much easier to switch between different roles.

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learningCloud New Generation iOS & Android 3.0.0

New enhanced learning experience from the palm of your hand
From now on, the usage of Sprints is completely native from your smartphone.

Access directly from the activity you are doing while you know the progress of your learning at any time.

Don't get distracted from what really matters, just access the Sprint and launch the activity!

Real-time notifications

When you finish an activity or Sprint, you will get real-time information about the achievements you have unlocked.

Check your points and badges directly on your smartphone.

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