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Release 4.1.0, H5P update

Next Thursday June 6, 2019, learningCloud will update the Wordpress and H5P libraries to the latest version.All customers with H5P content on the platform will enjoy greater stability, improvements in security, visual improvements.

This is a major change that affects two types of activities within learningCloud:

  • Interactive videos Interactive
  • presentation

The activities already created will continue to function as before.

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learningCloud New Generation iOS 2.0

On Thursday, May 9th, we will release learningCloud New Generation iOS version 2.0, including important features, here's what's new!

  • Review the Sprints in which you are enrolled, register and rate them
    Launch the Sprints (in a webview) to learn from anywhere
  • Review the Sprint's Top 10, badges and score achieved
  • Review the most interesting channels, browse their Sprints and resources and see the rest of the channel's subscribers
  • View the Global Top 10 classification

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New Netex Customer Support Community

From Monday, May 6th, the new Netex Customer Support Community will

replace the current Jira ticketing system, which will remain only

accessible for consultation.
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