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More effective Support service

In the last month of June, the average time for request response by Support team has been reduced by 40 hours. This means: the average incident resolution time has decreased from 6.5 days in May down to 4.8 days in June.

New functionality in learningMaker: create units importing from Word documents

Tired of manually copying and pasting the text of your content? Now you can create units directly from a Word document. Simply add tags that can help us recognise what kind of content you want to create (texts, quotes, questions...).

Fast, simple and highly effective.
Save between 20 and 30% of your time in the edition of the units!
Learn more about this new feature by contacting to info@netexlearning.com

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New learningCloud 4.1.0 version

New features included:

  • the "hot swap" of  activity change, i.e. xAPI content change of an activity within a Sprint already published
  • selection between dark mode (default) and clear mode (new way) in an instance.

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